Kimberly Clark

Current and Future Home

Here you'll find information to assist you with the transition from your current home to searching for, securing, and settling into your future home.

Temporary Living and Home Finding Assistance

When you’re planning for Temporary Living and/or Home Finding Assistance, consider doing the following:

  • Call and book your trip through the K-C Travel Center, that way, you’ll get the best K-C rates. Just remember to specify that your trip is for relocation. (Note: Relocation travel can’t be booked online.)
  • Talk to your Relocation Counselor (RC) about what temporary living accommodations are the best for your situation (e.g., furnished corporate apartments, extended stay hotel).
  • Plan your trip in advance and research your new location ahead of time so you can maximize your time while you’re there. These resources may help.
  • Agents tend to primarily focus on either the sale or buy side, not both. Check out the Agent Questions to find the best Listing Agent and/or Buyer's Agent to assist you.


Quick Tips

  • Prior to purchasing or signing a lease, drive your commute during rush hour traffic.
  • When you sign your new lease, request a provision to waive or reduce cancellation fees resulting from a work-related transfer.
  • To avoid deposits with utility companies, check to see if they offer a waiver for "good credit customers."

Questions to Ask Your Agent

Having the right agent as your partner is key to a smooth, successful transition. To help you find the right fit for you and your home, consider our Top 10 Questions for both a Listing and Buyer's Agent.

Top 10 Questions for Listing Agent Top 10 Questions for Buyer's Agent

Current Home Closeout Guide

Below is a guide to help with closing out your current home, whether you’re selling your home or cancelling your lease.

Home Sale

  • Contact your RC to discuss any concerns with your agent(s) or if you have any questions throughout your home sale process.
  • Our home is personal to each of us. Be open to feedback and remember, your tastes may not be the same as someone else’s.
  • Neutral homes are most appealing to buyers because they appear cleaner and larger. Consider ways to make your home appear neutral (e.g., paint bright walls).
  • If your home has a unique feature that buyers could view as a potential concern, prepare and lay out materials/resources to ease those concerns.
  • Make a list of key systems (e.g. HVAC, appliances, alarms) and their estimated ages, service providers, and last service dates.
  • During showings and open houses, agents can’t be with everyone at all times so lock up valuables and medications.
  • Be proactive with your marketing and pricing to help avoid your listing from becoming "stale". Houses with longer marketing times could lead buyers to think there is something "wrong" with it, even if the price is lowered. You may end up settling for less than market value.
  • Don’t get offended by a low-ball offer, negotiate any and all offers. Remember, this is a business transaction for the buyer, not a personal hit against your home. Don’t lose a buyer over something minor.
  • Keep in mind that concessions (i.e., buyer’s closing costs, buyer’s inspections, repair allowances, agent incentives, and other items typically paid for by the buyer) are your responsibility.

Lease Cancellation

  • Before you contact your landlord or cancel your lease, speak with your:
    • RC – to understand what benefits you may be eligible for and the documentation needed, and
    • Move Coordinator (MC) – to be sure their availability and your desired timeline align.
  • Check with your landlord on their ability to sublet or re-rent your unit to help reduce cancellation fees.
  • Make repairs and clean thoroughly before you vacate your unit to avoid costs associated with damaged property or loss of security deposit. Such costs are not covered under your relocation benefit

Preferred Lenders

K-C has partnerships with preferred lenders to help determine your purchasing power and allow you to get pre-approved quickly and easily. Talk with your RC about connecting you with one today.

Don't forget!

The Chamber of Commerce website in your new location may provide you with valuable information. Yelp or TripAdvisor can help you find local hot spots, and remember that many cities and towns have Visitor Centers or a local Township/Municipality Center.

Still have questions?

See if the Relocation FAQs can help answer any lingering questions.


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