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Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity Insurance, administered by Voya, pays a daily benefit if you have a covered stay in a hospital, intensive care unit, or rehabilitation facility. This cash benefit can be used for whatever you like. You pay for the cost of this coverage through after-tax paycheck deductions.

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With Hospital Indemnity Insurance, you’ll receive a benefit upon admission and also a fixed daily benefit if you have a covered stay in a hospital, intensive care unit, or rehabilitation facility that occurs on or after your coverage effective date. Benefit amounts are listed below and depend on the type of facility and number of days of confinement.

When your stay begins.

When you're admitted to a covered medical facility, you become eligible for an admission benefit for the first day of confinement. This benefit is payable once per confinement, up to a maximum of 8 admission(s) per calendar year:

Type of Admission Benefit Amount
Hospital Admission $1,200



As your stay continues.

Beginning on day two of your confinement, for each day that you have a stay in a covered facility, you’ll be eligible for a fixed daily benefit payment. The benefit amount and maximum number of days per confinement varies by facility:

Type of Facility Daily Benefit
Hospital (10-day maximum per confinement) $200
Intensive Care Unit (10-day maximum per confinement) $400
Rehabilitation Facility (10-day maximum per confinement) $100
Observation Unit (at least 4 consecutive hours, other than inpatient. Not payable for any day that a facility confinement or admission benefit is payable) $250

Expecting to expand your family?

Hospital Indemnity pays a cash benefit if you or your covered dependents are hospitalized for childbirth. In addition, your newborn child(ren) will also receive a cash benefit. Click here to view an example of how the newborn benefit works for Hospital Indemnity coverage.


If you elect coverage for yourself, your spouse/partner, and/or children, the following applies:

  • Your spouse/partner and/or child(ren) will receive the same coverage as you.
  • No medical questions or tests are required for coverage.
  • There are no age restrictions.
  • One premium amount covers all of your eligible dependents.


File a Claim

Click here to visit Voya’s Resource Center to submit an eligible claim. In order to complete your claim, you may need the following information:

  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Insurance Information (including Group Name and Group Number)
  • Mailing address
  • Banking information if applicable

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