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Helpful Hints

Moving isn't easy. Before you pack your boxes, here are some tips from K-C to get you on the right track!

Common Challenges

Here are two common challenges we've seen employees encounter during their relocation and the solutions to help you avoid them. If you come across one of these challenges or one not listed here, reach out to your RC for guidance.

Challenge #1:

Packing your own things

You might think you’re getting a head start, but the reality is, the van lines’ insurance doesn’t cover items they don’t pack. If you do pack anything yourself, they will have to unpack and repack it (which might increase handling, risk, and therefore, costs).

Solution: Let the experts do the packing.

If you’re eager to get organized for the move, here are a few things you can do:
- Declutter: Discard or donate items you don’t need any longer.
- Clean: The movers aren’t housekeepers. If it’s dirty or dusty when it’s packed, it’ll be dirty and dusty when it’s unpacked.
- Group like items: Collect like items you want packed together (e.g., picture frames, figurines) that may be spread throughout your home.

Challenge #2:

Using your corporate card for relocation expenses

If you accidentally charge relocation expenses to your corporate card, you’ll need to submit payment as a personal charge, and then get reimbursed through the relocation management company. (Note: There are monthly internal audits on corporate cards.)

Solution: Use your personal credit card for all relocation costs.

- When you’re at the end of a transaction, double check that your personal credit card will be charged.
- Use this as an opportunity to rack up hotel and/or credit card points.
- Funds are reimbursed through Weichert within 7 to 10 business days from the date of receipt, so submit your expenses as soon as possible to get your money before you get your credit card bill.
- If you're not keen on submitting every expense, you can opt to receive a combined lump sum. Final Trip reimbursement will require actual receipts though.

Keep Your Relocation on PACE

  • Read your policy. We know it's long (and maybe a bit boring) but having a clear and full understanding of the program will help you plan a smooth transition.
  • Schedule, set aside, and allocate appropriate time for calls with your designated relocation contacts.
  • Keep a list of questions to ask and jot down any new ones that pop up.
  • Be organized. The most successful moves are those that are well planned.
  • Have information about your home (date of purchase, names on title, lender, etc.) at easy access.
  • For your relocation to be successful, it requires you to take an active role in the process.
  • Complete, sign, and submit documents in a timely manner or requested timeframe.
  • File expense reimbursements within 30 days of incurring.
  • Ask for help! Don't be shy...that's what the professionals are here for!
  • Update your address in Workday once you've established permanent residency in your new location to prevent any tax implications.
  • Share with your Relocation Counselor (RC) any past relocation experiences and the successes and/or challenges you had.
  • Be upfront wiht your expectations from the RC, agents, and movers. People don't know what you don't tell them.
  • If regular interaction is important, have your RC and/or agent set up recurring calls, emails, etc.
  • Provide your feedback! Each of our service partners will provide you with a survey which K-C will review and use to continuously improve the program.
  • Contact the K-C Domestic Mobility Team if you have questions or concerns which you haven't been able to resolve with our service partners.
  • Plan ahead. A well-planned relocation helps avoid delays and unexpected or increased costs.
  • Work with your RC to set up a timeline for your relocation. Remember, the benefits must be fully used within 12 months from your job start date.
  • K-C has partnered with industry experts to assist you but it requires your involvements with them to have the best relocation experience.
  • Leverage the resources made available to you.

Ten Tips

These top tips will help with your transition to your new work location:

  1. Discuss any unusual circumstances with your RC at the beginning of your relocation.
  2. Don’t procrastinate on things like paperwork, scheduling appointments, etc. It only creates more stress for yourself.
  3. Relocating and starting a new job is difficult. Schedule time to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Check out exclusive offers through K-C's My Employee Discounts Program to find deals on activities, meals, and much more.
  4. Moving to a new city can be lonely and scary. Have a support network you can rely on to help through those times to maintain your well-being. Don't forget, you and your family can use the Employee Assistance Program if needed.
  5. Donate or discard items that aren’t moving with you. Getting a head start on this will save time later and help keep you organized.

  1. Research the local registration requirements for your new location prior to arriving and keep a list of each vendor's information.
  2. Partner Career Assistance is available for your spouse or domestic partner to help with their resume and job search. Ask your RC for details.
  3. Explore and get to know your new location before making a long-term housing decision.
  4. Get involved. Join a group/organization in your new location that has the same interests as you. MeetUp is a great tool to meet people with similar hobbies and interests.
  5. Tell us how your relocation experience went. Your feedback is important to us so please complete all vendor surveys.

Still have questions?
See if the Relocation FAQs can help answer any lingering questions.


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