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Other Time Off

At K-C we understand there are times that you need to be away from work including sickness, the loss of a family member, birth or adoption, fulfilling your civic duty, or serving your country.

Read below to learn more about the other time off benefits K-C offers.


Note: For employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), please refer to your CBA for full details on your time off provisions.

Sick Leave

K-C provides 40 hours of paid sick leave per calendar year to support your self-care for minor illness, healthcare appointments, or chronic or serious health conditions. Your sick leave balance can also be used to cover scheduled workdays/shifts that fall within the seven-calendar-day Short-Term Disability (STD) waiting (elimination) period or as defined by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) by contacting Matrix.

Sick leave isn’t available in situations not associated with your own mental or physical illness, non-work-related injury, and health care unless otherwise required by law. New hires become eligible for the full year’s allotment on your first day of active employment.

Here’s how you use your sick leave benefit:

  1. Follow your team’s call-in procedure for reporting paid sick leave.
  2. If you’re required to record absences in the timekeeping system, use the Paid Sick Leave absence code for minor illness or injury.
  3. Contact Matrix by phone at 877-202-0055 to determine if your leave may be eligible for FMLA and/or STD benefits.

For more information, view the Sick Leave Policy.

Bereavement Leave

K-C offers bereavement leave to support your health and well-being by providing paid time away from work to grieve, make/attend funeral/memorial service arrangements, spend time with family and friends, and make legal arrangements.

The amount of paid time off depends on the relationship of the individual as outlined in the Bereavement Leave Policy. Leave may be taken beginning on/after date of death in a continuous block of time off or intermittently in full workday/shift increments. Other paid time off (e.g., vacation, personal holidays) can be used in conjunction with bereavement leave – discuss your request with your Team Leader. All bereavement leave must be used within 30 days following the date of death.

Here’s how you’ll use your bereavement leave benefit:

  1. Contact your Team Leader as soon as possible to report the death and to discuss your time off needs.
  2. If you’re required to record absences in the timekeeping system, use the Bereavement Leave absence code.

For more information, view the Bereavement Leave Policy.

Parental Leave

K-C offers 280 hours (up to seven calendar weeks) of paid parental leave to support quality bonding time after birth or adoption. Parental leave may be taken either in one continuous block of time (seven calendar weeks) or intermittently, in a minimum of one calendar week increments. The timing of when parental leave must be taken, depends on the event.

  • Birth for birth mother: You can take your parental leave at any time after your approved STD benefit period ends as long as your parental leave has been used within 12 months following the date of birth. Review the Maternity Overview for more information.
  • Birth for dad or non-birth mom (including surrogate delivery of your biological child): You can take your parental leave any time after your baby is born as long as your leave has been used within 12 months following birth.
  • Adoption: You can take your parental leave any time after your child is placed with you for adoption as long as your leave has been used within 12 months following placement.

If eligible, here’s how you’ll use your parental leave benefit:

  1. Notify your Team Leader of your planned leave at least 30 days before your expected leave date.
  2. Once your child is born or placed with you, submit your leave request to Matrix. After submitting required documentation, Matrix will notify you and your Team Leader once your leave request has been reviewed and whether the leave is approved or if additional information is needed to complete your request. If you track time, Matrix will also manage updates to your K-C records—no absence code entry is required by you.

For more information, view the Becoming a Parent Page or view the Parental Leave Policy.

Jury Duty/Testimony Leave

K-C provides 80 hours of paid jury duty/testimony leave when you need to be away from work for qualifying legal proceedings. To use jury duty/testimony leave, you’re required to provide documentation to your Team Leader showing your legal obligations.

Here’s how you’ll use your jury duty/testimony leave benefit:

  1. Notify your Team Leader of your absence and provide documentation.
  2. If you’re required to record absences in the timekeeping system, use the Jury Duty/Testimony absence code.

For more information, view the Jury Duty/Testimony Leave Policy.

Military Leave

We’re proud of and value our K-C employees who serve our country. Our Military Leave Policy is designed to not only provide the job-protection benefits available under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) but also provide financial support through paid leave benefits:

  • 100% K-C base pay for new enlistment training, inactive- and annual active-duty training, and post-deployment leave
  • Pay differential for active-duty deployment

Here’s how you’ll use your military leave benefit:

  1. As soon as you learn about upcoming military service that will require you to be away from work, notify your Team Leader so he/she can plan for covering your work while you’re away. The most important information needed is how long you’re expected to be away and any additional time off you may want to take upon your return to work.
  2. Contact Matrix to help manage your leave including updates to your Workday record and UKG Pro timesheet and calculation of any paid leave benefits you’re eligible to receive.

For more information, view the Military Leave Policy.

Caregiver Leave

K-C cares about caregivers. It’s at the heart of our business and embedded in our company values and culture. And when your loved ones need attention and help, we understand you need time away from work. That’s why K-C provides 40 hours of paid time off to help employees care for a qualifying family member’s serious health condition.


  • Brigette’s spouse John recently had surgery.
  • As part of his recovery, John requires extra care and assistance with his every day tasks.
  • Brigette contacts Matrix to apply for the new Caregiver Leave.

For more information, view the Caregiver Leave Policy.

Unpaid Personal Leave

If you need to take time off from work without pay for personal reasons, you must have the request pre-approved by your Team Leader. An unpaid leave can only be requested once all available personal holidays and vacation has been exhausted. You must submit your request in writing and state the reason for the request as well as the start and end date of the leave. A leave of absence won't be granted for the purpose of engaging in employment outside of K-C.

The maximum length of an unpaid leave is 60 calendar days. If your request is approved, submit a copy of the written request, including approvals, to Matrix, K-C’s disability/leave of absence administrator using the Matrix eServices Mobile app (available for iOS and Android) or by using Unpaid personal leave doesn’t provide job protection.

For more information, click here to view the Time Off Policy.


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If you are an organized hourly employee covered by these plans, see your HR representative or other person designated at your unit for information on how your plan(s) may differ from the information on this site. You may also call the Benefits Information Line at 800-551-2333. Empyrean representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and Fidelity representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET. From outside the U.S., dial your country’s toll-free AT&T Direct Access number then enter 800-551-2333.