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K-C Employee Resource Groups

Inclusion is much more than a thought or concept. It’s the culmination of daily interactions that makes us stronger, fuels our innovation, and deeply connects us to each other and our consumers.

At K-C, you have an opportunity to join one of our many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that foster professional development and social connectivity, and celebrate diversity throughout the company. Explore these volunteer associations, which are open to all K-C employees.

K-C ERGs Overview

African Ancestry Employee Network (AAEN)

At K-C, we build teams that work well together by emphasizing the unique contributions of each employee. AAEN provides professional development in addition to educational and exposure opportunities to its members. Through its programs such as Black History Month, Juneteenth, and the Villages Mentoring Program, it aims to increase Black unity by building upon one another’s strengths and champions recruitment for top Black talent at every level.

Asian Professionals of Excellence (APEX)

As we strive to provide Better Care for a Better World, we’re helping to develop better careers for all employees. The vision of the APEX ERG is to empower our Asian professionals by giving them a voice and visibility. This network promotes cultural awareness through programs celebrating Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Lunar New Year, and other Asian cultural holidays. The group also provides education on critical issues to drive advocacy for Asian professionals to enable development and growth.

Capabilities First

K-C thrives as an organization by helping individuals use their talents and identities that make them unique. Capabilities First ERG provides an inclusive, diverse, and accepting environment for current and future employees with disabilities so they can bring their best and most authentic selves to work. It focuses on creating pathways to success by advocating for an open and seamless workplace through recruiting, development, and education.

Family Caregivers Network (FCN)

K-C encourages all employees to bring their whole selves to work every day. The mission of the FCN ERG is to enrich the lives of caregiving employees and their families through support, advocacy, and education. Through important programs on topics such as wills and trusts, Medicare, and assisted living, the ERG supports and empowers caregivers at work and in life.

Latin American Network for Diversity (LAND)

At K-C, we emphasize a caring culture that prioritizes employee success. LAND ERG aims to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where Hispanic employees are highly valued and can thrive as influential as leaders in our organization. Through programs that celebrate Hispanic culture, promote outreach, and provide leadership development, LAND empowers the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and impact the world through awareness, support, and personal and professional development.

New Employee Opportunity Network (NEON)

From your first day through your entire career at K-C, we want all employees to feel supported. NEON assists K-C in attracting, retaining, and developing new employees. NEON helps its members achieve their fullest potential by encouraging teamwork, leadership, and networking, and building community locally and across the organization.

Parents Interactive Network (PIN)

K-C’s PIN ERG aims to attract and retain working parents and guardians by providing beneficial educational tools, resources, and events to allow for a sustainable work-life balance. This group provides a community and ongoing education for parents and guardians through every stage of childhood, from birth and potty-training assistance to bike safety and scholarship information. .


At K-C, we want all employees to thrive. That’s why we have an ERG for LGBTQ+ employees and allies: K-C PRIDE. This group supports our corporate commitment to value inclusion, equity, and diversity by:

  • Providing support for LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace
  • Educating all employees on LGBTQ+ issues
  • Recognizing the role of all employees in fulfilling the strategic goals of the corporation
  • Helping to shape the LGBTQ+ workplace and community equality issue

Click here to access K-C’s LGBTQ+ Benefits Guide for more information on the benefits K-C provides LGBTQ+ employees and their families.

K-C’s SALUTE ERG is a group of veterans and their supporters working together to help veteran employees within K-C and the communities around us. With over 800 members nationwide, SALUTE engages in fundraising for veteran organizations, community outreach, and veteran hiring and retention. For more information on the additional benefits K-C provides for reservists and National Guard members, click here.

Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN)

At K-C, we are working hard to achieve gender parity in our workplace by championing and developing women’s talents so K-C can realize its fullest potential. WIN is committed to fostering a growth culture at K-C that connects, inspires, and elevates all women and their allies to achieve better results and engagement. Some of this group’s offerings include: external and internal development programs, mentoring circles, and women’s health events.


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