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Access Your Personalized K-C Benefits in One Place 

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The new My K-C Benefits mobile app is here!

How to Register & Download the My K-C Benefits Mobile App

Register for Your Account

  • Open the app and select New User? Register on the homepage.
  • On the Are you a K-C employee pop-up, select Yes.

Verify Your Information

  • Enter your last name. If your last name has a suffix (e.g., III or Jr.) or any special characters (e.g., - , .,é) , include it in your entry as you would normally type it out. For example: Smith III, Doe-Brown, or García.
  • Select your date of birth using the calendar feature. Select the Day first then scroll to find the Month and Year. It will format your date of birth as Year-Month-Day (e.g., 1980-01-05). 
  • Type your K-C Network Employee ID number with the first letter capitalized (e.g., U12345, B12345) and select Next.

Create Your Username & Password

  • Enter a personal email address as your desired username.
  • Type your desired password in both password fields. It must contain:
    • 14 characters,
    • At least one lowercase and uppercase letter,
    • One number, and
    • A special character (e.g., &, !, _, etc.)
  • Enter your mobile phone number and select Submit.

Congratulations! Set-up is complete

Your account is now ready to use! The information you see on the app is customized to you based on what you’re enrolled in and the benefits you can access at any time outside of enrollment. The My K-C Benefits app allows you to:

  • Call benefit vendors with one simple click of a button.
  • Learn the basics of how your benefits work.
  • Access your digital ID cards on the go.
  • View benefits policies and guides in one place.
  • Register for benefits webinars and events.
  • Receive custom alerts/reminders, and so much more

Access from a K-C computer

You can also access My K-C Benefits from a K-C computer by selecting “My K-C Benefits” on the K-C & Me homepage under My Applications.

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Need help getting on the app?

Email for technical support and include your K-C Network ID number (e.g., U12345, B12345), last name, and date of birth with your inquiry. For benefit questions, call the K-C Benefits Information Line at 800-551-2333.


This site is provided to help Kimberly-Clark (K-C) employees better understand their benefit plans. It does not guarantee coverage under a plan and does not provide complete descriptions of K-C benefit plans. K-C reserves the right to change these plans at any time. In all cases, the formal Plan Documents will govern.

If you are an organized hourly employee covered by these plans, see your HR representative or other person designated at your unit for information on how your plan(s) may differ from the information on this site. You may also call the Benefits Information Line at 800-551-2333. Empyrean representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET and Fidelity representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET. From outside the U.S., dial your country’s toll-free AT&T Direct Access number then enter 800-551-2333.