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A Record-Breaking Year: Our 2023 Profit Sharing Results are in!

K-C’s 401(k) & Profit Sharing Plan (PSP) contributions, along with your own savings, work together to help you build a strong retirement and financial future. The company’s profit sharing contribution is determined every year by K-C’s performance. Our results for 2023 are in… and they are the biggest ever!

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K-C’s 401(k) Contributions

The best part of the profit sharing contribution is that it's in addition to the amount K-C already contributes to your 401(k) with the Company match!

This means if you contributed at least 5% to your 401(k) account in 2023, K-C contributed:



+ 5%


= 10.1%


Keep your eye on the big picture

How you and K-C work together

Alex earned $70,000 in 401(k) eligible earnings for 2023. Here’s a breakdown of all the money contributed to her 401(k) for the year.

5.1% Profit Sharing Contributions Alex Received
+ $3,500
5% Company Match Contributions Alex Received
+ $3,500
Alex’s 5% Contribution
= $10,570

Just look at what compounding can do for one year of savings

Compounding is when your savings earn money (investment returns) and then that money earns more money, and so on. So, give compounding time to work its magic. This chart shows how time and compounding work with just Alex’s 2023 401(k) contributions of $10,570 with a hypothetical 7% annual rate of return.

Note: The examples and graphs in this mailer are simplified and for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted as accurate predictors of your actual results.

Don’t Forget Your 401(k) Contributions

They can make all the difference

How much you save and where you invest matters. Every dollar you contribute makes a difference and helps you reach your retirement goals.

Remember, Fidelity recommends saving at least 15% annually (your contributions with K-C contributions) to help you build your retirement nest egg.

Talk money and savings with Fidelity!

Did you know you have access to financial and retirement counseling at no cost to you through Fidelity? Simply call 866-811-6041 to get started. Planning consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET.


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