On the Road to Your New Location

Whether you're continuing your career journey or new to K-C, our Domestic Mobility team will help make your relocation experience as smooth as possible. In this section, we provide beneficial information like the Relocation Roadmap, FAQs, and a Current Home Closeout Guide to help you have a successful transition.

Take a few moments to look around, familiarize yourself with this page and the other relocation pages, and don't forget to come back throughout the next few weeks and months to refresh yourself on what's here.

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What does the K-C Domestic Mobility Team do?

We function as an internal team dedicated to support and serve as an advocate for K-C’s mobile workforce within the U.S. Our team manages the relocation program, policies and K-C’s external service partners, including Weichert, who are our benefit administrators. We look for opportunities to continuously improve our program, service delivery, and ultimately, the employee experience.

Who is Weichert and what do they do?

K-C partners with Weichert Workforce Mobility (Weichert), one of the most respected Relocation Management Companies (RMC) in the industry. Weichert is the relocation benefit administrator and they'll be who you have one-on-one contact with when you're coordinating your relocation. 5 to 10 business days after electronic offer acceptance, K-C’s Domestic Mobility team will receive the approval for your relocation and initiate your benefits with Weichert. You will be assigned a Relocation Counselor (RC) from Weichert who will be your primary point of contact throughout your relocation journey. Additionally, your RC will connect you with a K-C preferred van lines whose assigned Move Coordinator (MC) will be your primary resource for your household goods move. They'll each answer any questions, guide you through each step of the relocation, and provide support for a smooth transition.

Your Relocation Roadmap

Curious about what to expect and when? Look no further. Below you'll find a general overview of the relocation process
and events. Use this roadmap to help you navigate the peaks and valleys of your relocation. Note: not all events below
will apply to you.

For more detailed information, make sure to reference your K-C relocation policy which will be emailed to you by your RC,
or find it on K-C's intranet via @myHR > Employment and Hiring > Domestic Relocation. Then select an icon to access
the applicable policy.

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