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Splash Up Some Summertime Savings

As the temperature heats up, dive into learning ways to save using some of your K-C benefits. From personalized financial support to expert medical advice, K-C has resources to support you and your family.

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Balance Life and Your Finances

We get it. You’re busy balancing work, family, friends, and everything in between. If keeping track of what goes in and out of your wallet feels overwhelming, figuring out your overall financial health can seem impossible. But you’re not alone. Fidelity is here to help – at no cost to you.

Confused about retirement planning? Not sure how to tackle your debt? Trying to save toward a big wish-list item? Don’t sweat it. Get personalized one-on-one support by phone or attend an online workshop, available 24/7 from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Put Fidelity on Speed Dial

When you need one-on-one financial support for your personal situation, pick up the phone and call a Fidelity planning consultant. They can help you work through your current money-related questions and set financial goals for the future.

Get started

  1. Gather Your Financial Information – Before calling a Fidelity planning consultant, it’s helpful to understand where your money is going today, including current balances (e.g., HSA, investment accounts) and expenses. By having this information ready to share during your call, Fidelity will be better equipped to answer your questions.

  2. Contact a Fidelity Planning Consultant – Call 866-811-6041 for one-on-one personalized support. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET.

  3. Check Your Progress – It’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of your financial goals and measure your progress. Plan to call back for a quick checkup each year or when you need help along the way.

Push Play and Save

If you’re looking for guidance on a specific topic or some quick financial tips, sit back, relax, and push play. Fidelity's workshops are available on demand, meaning you can watch and learn on your own time from wherever you are. With a variety of topics to choose from, here are a few that may interest you:

Create a Budget, Ditch Your Debt, & Start Saving for the Future

Length: 20 minutes

Get help balancing paying down debt with saving for the future.

Your College Planning Choices

Length: 16 minutes

Review options for planning and saving for your child’s college education.

Maximize Social Security in Your Retirement Strategy

Length: 35 minutes

Understand different Social Security approaches to create your retirement plan.

Preserving Your Savings for Future Generations

Length: 24 minutes

Learn how to establish an estate plan to save your assets for those important to you.

Get started

To access these workshops, log in to From the homepage, select Library and scroll to the bottom of the page to select Workshops. The On-Demand Workshops tab has a variety of webinar topics to choose from, in addition to the titles featured above.

Dive into Summer with K-C Savings

Get ready for summer using these tips on ways to save while having fun in the sun.

  • Sunglasses: Block out the sun’s harmful rays with a new pair of shades. If you’re enrolled in K-C’s vision plan, you get a discount on non-prescription sunglasses at Sunglass Hut. Save $20 off any purchase or $50 off your purchase of $200 or more. To redeem, log in to your EyeMed account at and click on Special Offers to get a savings code to use in-store or online.
  • Vacation: Experience the magical world of Disney®. K-C’s alliance with the Walt Disney Company® means you’re eligible to receive a discount on Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® resort theme park ticket purchases for personal use. Learn more at @myHR > Total Rewards > Benefits > Employee Discounts.
  • Sunscreen: Safely soak up the sun using sunscreen. You can even use your HSA or General Purpose Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars to purchase sunscreen as an eligible expense.


Get Expert Medical Advice

Whether you’re confused about a diagnosis you just received from your doctor, you’re contemplating treatment options, or you just want a fresh set of eyes on your medical records, the Best Doctors team can help.

When you contact Best Doctors, you’ll receive expert medical advice from the top 5% of doctors in the country.

The best part is you’re automatically eligible at no additional cost when you enroll in any K-C medical plan, along with your eligible enrolled dependents. Here’s how it works:

  1. Best Doctors will contact your doctor and collect your medical records, including X-rays, scans, test results, and pathology samples, so you don’t have to hunt for files.
  2. Your case is reviewed, with images being re-read and samples re-tested.
  3. Once your review is complete, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive report, including diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

Get Started

Go to and click Sign In or Create a Profile or call 866-904-0910. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

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