Kimberly Clark

Flex Work helps support work/life balance.

At K-C, we embrace a culture where we take responsibility for our actions and results. We're concerned more with what you do, rather than where and when you do it. We also know that when you have the flexibility to better manage your commitments inside and outside of work, you’ll be less distracted and stressed while at work, leading to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Most staff roles at K-C are considered flex as we also believe the office environment plays an important part in fostering our culture and facilitating collaboration, innovation, learning and community. The amount of flexibility will be based on role, primary work location, and other business considerations.

Employees should work with their Team Leader to establish how they will leverage the enterprise Flexible Work Guidelines for their role and team.

To learn more about flex work, view the Flexible Work Guidelines on K-C & Me. For questions, contact your HR Business Partner or Team Leader.


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