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This benefits overview will help you get a clear view of the comprehensive benefits K-C offers. Explore all of the ways K-C can help you get and stay healthy, protect your income, and save for your retirement.

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K-C helps you prepare for retirement by offering a 401(k) savings plan. Here are some key features:

  • 100% Company match, up to 4% of your eligible pay
  • Potential for annual profit-sharing contributions from K-C, ranging from 0% to 8% of your eligible earnings
  • Immediate vesting in Company contributions
  • Pre-tax, after-tax, and Roth 401(k) contributions from your paycheck
  • Flexible and comprehensive investment lineup
  • Professional management and online advice services
  • Automatic enrollment at 6% contribution rate with annual auto increase of 1% until you reach 10%
  • Ability to change your contributions at any time

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Health Care

We offer health benefits that include options for medical, dental, and vision coverage. From the day you're hired, you and your dependents are eligible for medical coverage with no waiting periods or pre-existing condition requirements.


K-C offers you the choice of medical plans between the Consumer Driven Health Plan Blue with HSA (CDHP Blue with HSA) or the Consumer Driven Health Plan Green with HSA (CDHP Green with HSA) so you can get the best fit for you and your family:

The CDHP Blue and Green offer competitive coverage and free preventive care. Also, both medical plan options are administered by Anthem. Compare the plans, or check out the Annual Medical Paycheck Costs.

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We provide a dental plan for you and your dependents to help keep smiles bright.

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To keep your vision sharp, K-C provides coverage for routine eye examinations, glasses and contact lenses, and other eye care products and services.

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Spending Accounts

Using spending accounts to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses and your dependent care expenses lets you stretch your dollars farther. You contribute money into a spending account from your paycheck before taxes are taken out. The types of spending accounts offered include: Flexible Spending Accounts and a Dependent Care Spending Account.

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Income Protection

K-C offers a variety of benefits designed to give you peace of mind by protecting your income and providing a benefit to your family if you suffer an accident or die. Some income protection benefits are yours automatically, at no cost to you:

  • Basic Group Life Insurance – If you should die, your survivors receive a benefit of up to two times (2x) your salary (varies by location). Or you can elect a flat $50,000 option.
  • Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance – Pays a benefit if you are disabled, severely injured, or die while traveling on company business.

Optional Coverage

You can purchase additional income protection benefits through payroll deductions:

  • Supplemental Life Insurance – Provides a higher benefit (from one to four times your salary) to your beneficiaries if you should die. You can also purchase coverage for your spouse and children.
  • Personal Accident Insurance – Pays a benefit if you suffer a covered accident that results in death, dismemberment, or disability due to an accident.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Pays a benefit to help cover your expenses if you or your covered dependent is diagnosed with an eligible condition.
  • Accident Expense Protection – If you or a covered dependent have an accident and require care, you’ll receive a defined amount based on the care received to help cover expenses.

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Disability Benefits

K-C offers programs that provide financial assistance if you become disabled. In most locations, the Short Term Disability Program provides 26 weeks of full or partial salary continuation at no cost to you. For longer periods of disability, the Long Term Disability Plan provides 60% of pay at no cost to you. You may purchase an additional 10% of coverage to bring you benefit up to 70% of pay.

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Time Off

If you’re hired before Dec. 1, you’re eligible for vacation in your first year (amount varies by hire date). In the first full year of employment, you receive two weeks of vacation. Additional weeks of vacation are earned based on years of employment at K-C.

We provide paid holidays, along with the option to purchase up to 40 hours of "Flex Day" time per year, starting Jan. 1 of the first full year of employment.

Emergency Leave is provided for when you must be away from work due to unexpected personal needs.

K-C offers 4 weeks of Parental Leave to new parents. This particular time off can be used during the first 12 months of birth, adoption, or foster placement.

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Other Benefits

K-C offers several additional benefits to support your overall well-being.

  • Adoption Assistance – K-C will reimburse up to $5,000 for eligible expenses related to the adoption of a child, up to a $10,000 per year maximum.
  • Education Assistance – K-C reimburses up to $5,250 per year for your eligible educational expenses, such as tuition and books.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – You and your family are eligible for help with emotional, financial, relationship, and other issues through the EAP. This counseling service is free and completely confidential.
  • Domestic Relocation - Whether you’re a new hire or an existing K-Cer making a career change, you may be eligible for the Relocation benefit. We’ll help make your move as easy as possible by providing you with valuable resources and information.

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